The Right Way to Use a SizeGenetics Penis Extender

sizegenetics deviceMen do wish they could increase the size of their penis. Those who are of average or below average endowment wish for an effective means of making their length and thickness larger than the original, natural size. The SizeGenetics extender can help with the achievement of this goal, but anyone interested in using the extender must do so in a safe manner. By following a few common sense tips, the potential for suffering an injury decreases immensely.

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How does the extender work?

The SizeGenetics penis extender works by keeping the male organ stretched out away from the pelvis. This extended position created a lot of stress on the tissue of the penis. The cells in the penis eventually start to divide because of the stress. Cellular division leads to more tissue, which means the penis ends up being both bigger and longer.

sizegenetics extender close up

All sounds good so far, right? Most men do find the seeming ease of using the SizeGentics extender appealing. What they might not be willing to accept is the fact that a lot of time is required for the device to deliver the expected results. The size of the penis will slowly increase in size as the cells divide. A gradual and slow process is a safe and reliable one. Men who try to rush the process by overdoing it do themselves a disservice.

What should I not do?

One way men overdo it with the use of an extender is by wearing it for just too long. Trying to wear the device ten hours a day is a bit impractical. Doing so is also a bit risky. The penis might end up suffering from weak erections because it has to endure such a significant amount of stress during the day.

Wearing the device without providing the penis with a break is never a good idea. You have to take the device off at suggested intervals in order to restore proper and full blood flow to the penis. You assuredly do not want to cut off blood flow for extended durations as this could cause major complications.

Sleeping while wearing the device is incredibly dangerous. Those who make false assumptions about the “best ways” to get the most out of using these devices may assume a good’s night sleep wearing the extender means eight full hours of tension is achieved. Honestly, a more dangerous and disastrous decision could not be made. If the penis is bent or circulation is cut off during one’s sleep, the person sleeping might not know until its too late. A severe injury could result. So, sleeping with the device is an absolutely terrible idea.

This it what you should do!

The best thing to do to make sure the device you purchase works in the intended manner is to follow all the directions of use as closely as possible. SizeGenetics offers a DVD that present clear instruction and this is a huge help. Not only do you decrease the chance of an injury, you maximize your potential to achieve desirable gains in size.

The bottom line here is to never rush things. Simply make using your extender an aspect of your daily life. Doing so just might lead to amazing size improvements.

Written by Fleming Jenkins

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