ProExtender review

The ProExtender review has received accolades for being of the best extension devices on the market. However does it really live up to its promises?

What makes the ProExtender no. 1

proextenderThe Pro Extender penis extender was delivered in a discreet package, as they promised it would be. Discretion is highly important to many men that are in the market for a penis extender device and the Pro Extender device was indeed discreet.

The device came in a plain, unmarked brown box and was free of any wear or damage from shipping. After opening the box however the first sign of trouble became apparent. Although the device itself was shipped in a very slick-looking carrying case similar to the one advertised on their website, the case itself was made of what seemed like very cheap nylon. The case even had a small tear in it and the plastic zipper actually broke after only a handful of times of it being used.